Wildlife - Josh Ross Photography
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Moonlit Sleeping Honu

The sunset the other day was ok. I didn’t get any great shots, but as I was walking on the beach trail through the bushes to get back to my car, I spotted a large “rock” down on the beach. But I’ve made that mistake before at this same location, and realized it was a sea turtle when I got closer. An easy mistake to make from a distance as the sea turtle is next to the jetty rocks. It was definitely a sea turtle again. The moon was a little over half full, but it was still low in the sky. It provided some great light for a long exposure, but not nearly as much as a full moon overhead. I made sure to keep my distance so that I didn’t disturb this sleeping honu. I also took several long exposure shots and adjusted the focus ring each time, until the turtle was in focus. It would have been much faster and easier to use my cell phone flashlight to light up the turtle and quickly be in focus, but many people don’t realize that is something you’re not supposed to do. After I got home from playing basketball, I couldn’t wait to edit some of these photos.

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