Landscapes - Josh Ross Photography
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After The Flood

This photo was taken shortly after Iao Valley reopened and 1 year to the day after the flood that damaged the park. Climbing down the rocks you see in the photo to get to the river was a little sketchy. I was in waist high water, being extra careful so that none of my camera gear went for a swim down the river. I only had about 5-10 minutes to get a shot, and still have enough time to climb out to get to my car before the park closed. There were a few people in the area while I was shooting that made their exit. They went a different route than the way I got down. I figured they must have known a better way. I left the way they did. I should not have assumed their way was easier haha. Without a tripod and a bunch of camera gear it would have been easier, but it was sketchier climbing out of there slipping in slippahs on what seemed like near vertical hills. Glad I was able to walk away uninjured without rolling down the steep climb and all my camera gear intact.

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