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  • Dude

    The title comes from the look this turtle gave me with it's mouth slightly open. I think he was saying "Dude, why are you taking so many photos?", as I tend to overshoot. Especially underwater encounters with turtles, because you can shoot a ton and only end up with a few good shots. You can't exactly tell a turtle to pose and hold like humans lol.

  • Sea of Clouds ​

    Sunset at the summit of Haleakala rarely disappoints.

  • Mount Tamalpais Sunset ​

    I hiked up to the summit of Mount Tam in flip flops. I won't do that again. It was my first time up there so lesson learned. The visibility was horrible due to the smoke from the Mendocino Complex Fire, which was the largest fire in California ever recorded. I hiked back down and drove quite a ways down to where I was below the smoke level. The sunset was still pretty amazing up there. I wasn't able to get the shot I was going for due to all the smoke and bad visibility, so I definitely need to go back to take more shots.

  • Midnight Bamboo ​

    A customer wanted a specfic print of the bamboo forest at Haleakala National Park on Maui. I already had plans to go there for my first time the following week, so it worked out perfectly. They ended up ordering a large 80" x 40" on metal and loved it. In between taking those shots of the path in the bamboo forest with my Canon 5DsR with the 16-35mm lens, I took this photo with my backup Canon 5DM3 with the 100-400mm lens.

  • Tahoe Blue

    I spent a few hours at this location after sunrise. It was quite peaceful to have the place to myself with the water so calm.

  • Golden Gate Window

    A squadron of brown pelicans fly behind the Golden Gate Bridge as the evening fog rolls into San Francisco.

  • Rooted

    With the ebb and flow of the ocean, and North Shore swells on Maui, the beaches can change dramatically. At this beach there are several uprooted trees. Some around 5-10 feet high. I was pretty surprised when I shot a sunrise here one time, thinking that I can use the trees in the foreground, only to find that they were completely buried in sand.

  • Sweet Morning Nectar

    I headed out to the Cypress Tree Tunnel around sunrise. I waited patiently for a couple hours, but there was no sun to be found to get the sunrays beaming through the trees. That's the shot I wanted to get. Nothing but an overcast sky and fog rolling in. At the Cypress Tree Tunnel entrace I noticed there were several bees getting their morning nectar from the flowers. With probably 25-50 people in the tree tunnel, I found the bees more interesting to shoot. Trying to remove that many humans from my shots in Photoshop didn't sound fun at all. =)

  • Streets of San Francisco ​

    Thank you to all the drivers who didn't hit me while I stood in the middle of the street at midnight =)

  • Polo Beach Sunset

    Sunsets at Polo Beach in South Maui never disappoint.

  • Breathe

    I woke up early to shoot the sunrise at the beach. I always hope for a colorful, jaw-dropping sunrise or sunset, but with the coastal fog lingering, that wasn't going to happen. So even when the scenery or life is dreary, just remember to breathe.

  • Shark Fin Galaxy

    Getting a Milky Way shot at this beach had been on my bucket list for a while. This same night I hiked down the steep short trail to the beach to get Milky Way shots from the beach as well. The red glow is coming from a campfire on the beach where a few people put up tents to camp out overnight. Not a bad idea for the next time I go to this beach.

  • Bonsai Trees

    Due to the California wildfires, Lake Tahoe was completely filled with with smoke the last few days before I headed up there to take photos. Fortunately, it started clearing up on the north end on the Nevada side the day that I got there. I was even able to shoot the Milky Way after sunset. The next morning, I hiked down to this popular location around 5:30am. I had the place to myself for the next few hours. The water was incredibly calm. Free of boat wakes and waves. I was surrounded by the sounds of nature and wildlife waking up. ​

  • The Fog In The Woods ​

    I was on my way to photograph the Lone Cypress, but I had to stop to capture the morning fog trapped in the woods before it dissipated. ​

  • Moonlit Ghost Ship

    I arrived at this location around 2:30 AM after a long drive from Lake Tahoe on very little sleep. I almost didn't go out and shoot this boat because I was so tired, but I pushed myself. After reviewing the photos in the camera, I was suddenly wide awake. There was no wind and it was eerily quit to where you could literally hear a pin drop. The moon provided plenty of light to illuminate the scene.

  • Life & Death ​

    This isn't my normal kind of edit, but continuing the dramatic theme of my previous post, I thought "Eh....why not?" I drove past this dead tree several times and each time looking over, I knew I had to get a shot of it. I envisioned isolating it from the nearby trees. But I liked the contrast between the living tree and the dead tree. ​

  • Gateway To The Milky Way Sunset

    "Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious." - Stephen Hawking

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